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Here are steps for the best hair color results:



Schedule A Color Consultation

A consultation is the very best way to ensure your hair color will go as you desire. Bring photos of what you are looking for.

Your stylist will be able to use your images and listen to what you want and tell you what processes will be used and the time & cost expected. And very best of all, The Art of Hair does color consultations for free.

Be Realistic

This is best remedied by a consultation. Remember that color is permanent. If you are trying to achieve a lighter or more vivid color and your hair is dark, you may need several treatments to achieve your desired results. And, in the case of gray hair, the hair is often more resistant to color and requires more time and product. 



Deep Conditioning Treatment 

This is especially important if your hair is dry or damaged by heat or color. If your hair is damaged, consider getting a deep conditioning treatment about one week before your appointment. Well-conditioned hair will receive color more evenly.


Use A Clarifying Shampoo

Do a thorough wash with a good clarifying shampoo. This will remove all residue from products.


Wash your hair the day of, or the night before your hair appointment. Color takes better on clean hair, and it is hard to see the true color of the hair when it is dirty. We’re all guilty of delaying wash day when you know you have a hair appointment coming up! However, for best results we highly encourage coming to your color appointment with clean hair.


Additional Information

If possible, blow out your hair to make it as smooth as possible. This will make it easier for your stylist to see the hair and cover more surface with the time allotted for your appointment. This will also allow for your stylist to see any inconsistencies in your hair before coloring.


Removing your jewelry or your glasses will help your stylist out so there is no snagging with combs or brushes during your service.

Wear a hood-less, collar-less, non turtleneck sweater. This makes a huge difference for a stylist so they are able to cut or color on a flat surface to work on.

If it’s your FIRST visit - it’s important to wear your hair the way you prefer to wear it to your consultation so your Stylist can see how you typically style your hair so they can place your color (especially if you are doing face framing highlight) perfectly to suit your look.

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